Vampires, post-Human supernatural beings are creatures cursed with the constant need for blood. Some choose to ignore this constant urge, but for the most part they choose to kill of and feed from as many victims as possible. Vampirism is caused by the victim being fed upon, then given an exchange of the vampires blood. This is often called recruiting. Normally you cannot tell the difference between a normal human and a vampire; the only changing being when they thirst for blood their canines grow out into fangs and their eyes become completely black. There is no cure for Vampirism.

Hunters of the Night


Humans, when bitten by vampires are not immediately infected. At the exact moment of death they need to be fed the blood of the vampire for the infection to begin and for them to change irreversibly into a vampire. After the blood is given the recruit is considered clinically dead for a few hours. During this time each vampire undergoes horrible visions that they will not share with any other being during the rest of their existence. Once they wake up, then they are officially considered vampire and will have the immediate craving for blood.

Vampires after being change will no longer age past this point and their mental maturity will not change. For example, if you were bitten as a child then you will not grow or mentally mature past that point.

It is considered normal for the infector to look after the vampire once changed.

Blood is not the Key to Life

Bloodless VampirismEdit

Vampires who chose not to take blood from others will not die, though it is apparent that they suffer from intense hunger and pain, symptoms that are normally seen with someone recovering from a sever addiction. It seems that it is not the blood itself that seems to be what vampires need but the life force inside it.

No Images can Capture You


  1. Cannot be captures on film, video or mirror.
  2. Super human Strength, Speed, Senses, Endurance and Healing.
  3. Can cause a massacre single handed.
  4. Can sense when a werewolf is in the area.

Nothing is Invincible


  1. Repelled by religious symbols and writings.
  2. Cannot enter private buildings such as Homes without being invited. (Unless older than 1,000)
  3. Garlic weakens slowly.
  4. Stake through the heart, broken neck or explosions can kill a vampire. (They can be brought back if not staked)
  5. Werewolf Blood is Toxic to a vampire, an can poison them

Friends are Hard to Keep


  1. Are known to be hostile towards Werewolves.
  2. Are awed and fascinated by Ghosts. This may be so because vampires are practically dead and have a connection to the spirit world.

The Clans


1. The DutchEdit

2. Old OnesEdit


Nicole Thenardier

Achak Hassun

Ella Noire