Days like today just prove to me how shitty the remaining hours will be. Staying up all night cause I lack the ability to fall asleep is one thing, but when I choose to go on Camp Half Blood Rp Wikia and visit their chatroom only to be made out as an ass by a certain Bcrat is another...

For some reason we were talking about the 13 year old boy in the UK whom got his girlfriend pregnant last year, because this spawned from the hormones in food that were making girls here in the US hit puberty sooner. Not an entirely PG-13 discussion in my very own opinion. I was really only trying to discuss with with him and my friends, stating that "Desire really doesn't mean your ready, Sexual pressure is sooo bad when your young now too. Everyone hears about it, talks about it, has had it or is told they should have it." This was after he stated "Well 12 is generally when the desire first sparks." I didnt state he was basically saying they were ready or not. I was just stating the fact about the entire situation. He turned around and claimed I did say this.

"desire really doesnt mean your ready
first thing you said"


I dropped it the conversation immediately after this was said. I don't need to fight about it with him and appear a bigger ass. But it upsets me! I feel like i was attacked for having a statement. Now I wish they would just ignore me again, because its such comments and conversations like this that make me feel like the biggest asshole in the world. Its not a nice feeling and leaved me wanting to sleep through life. Not a happy feeling I assure you.

Your probably reading this now, and rolling your eyes. And that just proves your as uncaring at him and the rest of the Bcrats over there. When the users feelings and how you treat them changes for the worst, leaving them feel ostracized severly then whats the point in having an open wikia where anyone can join?

Then again no one could be reading this and that just makes my 3 am blog fest that much more depressing. Whats the point of speaking and writing when no one cares, or worse treat you like your mud? Still seeking answers.

Sincerly, HiddenOralce.

P.s. Its when im ostracized like that when I wish I was never pulled that "prank" for andrew. Life just got a whole lot harder.. but who can I share it with? No one.

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