This werewolf belongs to Jason Yelloweagle

John Wicker
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The Lone Wolf
Important Information
Gender Male
Species Werewolf
Home Walla Walla, Washington


John Wicker was a prosperous young man who lived in Oregon. He had everything he could ask for, money, a nice house, a very nice car... And the best part, no wife or kids. John didn't mind being alone, not at all. He actually liked living alone. Even in college, he requested that he have a single room so he could study and work harder. But when John was 24, he was attacked by a werewolf. He was scratched by the werewolf on his back and chest, and his sides. Luckily John was able to run away, and lose the werewolf. Later on another full moon, while working, John turned into a werewolf and trashed everything, when he woke up he saw the broken car, shredded money, and broken priceless artworks. Suddenly, he knew what he had become. He left his house and wandered around aimlessly for days, until hunger finally brought him back to reality. He found a diner and paid with some money he had found. After he finished eating he found out he came to be in Washington, near the Oregan/Washington boundary line, in a town called Walla Walla. While in Walla Walla, John came to accept who he now was, so he got a good job, and had the safest house ever built, so on full moons he could protect others from himself.


John rarely says what's on his mind, or anything really...