Houston ciy

Houston, the largest city in the state of Texas is the largest home for Werewolves in America with its wide open spaces just outside the city limits. It also happens to be the one of the leading Vampire cities.

Houston Hot SpotsEdit

Brian O'Neills Irish Pub
We offer an extensive food menu with everything from Calamari, Pizza, Sandwiches, Pasta, Shepherd's Pie, Fish & Chips, Burgers and much more. Located next to the Medical Center we are your perfect spot to stop after work and unwind with your co-workers or have a bite to eat before heading out to a football game down the street. Try our brunch on Saturday & Sunday with live music on the Patio every Sunday and our Happy Hour everyday at 4 pm.

Comanche Theater
A cool theater to visit when you want to escape the heat of Houston.

Melody Club
Open since 1977, this little gem has been the oldest Houston dance studio to offer West Coast Swing, Whip and Ballroom as well as being the hottest place to be for Salsa dancing! For Over 30 years, dancing at Melody has been a Houston tradition attracting National Champions and some of the best Social Dancers longer than any other dance studio in Houston!


Red Cat Jazz Cafe
Red Cat Jazz Cafe is back and better than ever relocated in downtown Houston on 711 Franklin Street providing better parking, live music and southern cuisine nestled right on Buffalo Bayou for your entertainment pleasures a mist the vivrant Houston nightlife.