A ghost is the disembodied soul of a once living Human. They are post-human supernatural beings who have returned to earth after they died before certain circumstances had been resolved during their lives. This may be anything from not falling in love to being murdered. Once the said issue has been resolved, a wooden door will appear in the nearest possible location where the ghost must pass through to enter the afterlife. If a ghost refuses to pass on, he or she will be hunted done by the elders of the other side until they enter. However, it seems that once the ghost has overcome the other side, he or she will no longer be forced to cross over and the afterlife has become optional. ==


Ghosts can teleport over long distances at will. They usually seem to do this only in extreme circumstances.

It is possible for ghosts to pass through solid objects, although this is rarely seen. They may also walk through humans.

Ghosts are unable to get physically hurt and cannot age beyond their death. However, it is possible for ghosts to interact with objects within the physical world.

When a ghost refuses the door of Death, they seem to become stronger and more human-like.

They can be seen by humans and can also move objects and people using only their mind.

Ghosts can also come into possession of telekinetic abilities when they become poltergeists. This can occur when an event that happened while they were alive causes immense trauma, leading to them becoming emotionally angry, vulnerable and unstable. They can then move or smash objects without touching them, the level of the damage or violence directly relating to the ghost's instability.

Ghosts are rarely visible to humans but can always be seen by supernatural beings such as vampires and werewolves.

Ghosts can only be seen by humans if they refuse the door of Death or they forget the fact that they are dead and imagine themselves as human. Even when a ghost they can't be seen by humans, they can leave a bad vibe making a place seem haunted.

Ghosts may also become visible to humans when they feel afraid or frightened.

Ghosts seem to be able to change their eye colour, and do not need energy to function, so cannot eat or drink.

Ghosts may also be able to feel the emotions and senses of others by feeling or touching their bodies.

Some ghosts may be trained to read the aurora of others, whether alive or dead.


Ghosts are vulnerable to iron.