This is a Role Play Wikia based on the US and the UK version's of Being Human. To get started click below at the box beside Getting Started and Write your characters name. Then fill in the Bio to be Approved. Please try to give some history about your character, along with your other information (Family, gender, appearance, personality and weapons.) Admins will go through, commenting or approving.


Over time certain species will have more users than other. If you write a werewolf character and we already have say, 39 of these we may ask you to change it to another one of the species. This does not mean down the road another character you make cannot be your first choice, but we simply seek to keep this wikia balanced.

Do not make your character page until it has been approved.

Anonymous users may make a claim but it will not be approved until they make an account.

People In Charge of ClaimsEdit

Claims is run by the Administration and Support Department. Try to keep in mind that all our staff is here on their own time, so claims may take a few hours to a one or two days before we respond, depending upon our schedules and claiming activity. We promise to get to it as soon as possible though.

Department HeadEdit


Department AdministratorsEdit

These are the administrators in charge of this department in his absence.

Department MembersEdit

These are the rollback users who work in this department assisting the Department Head and the administrators here.

Department Helpers from other DepartmentsEdit

These are users who can accept claims, but don't generally help out in this deptartment on a regular basis.

Department HelpersEdit

These are users who are not in the Administrative & Support department, but help get claims ready to be approved, so you may see them making comments to claims from time to time.



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