Ella Noire

Eye Colour


Hair Colour

Mouse Brown






Elizabeth Noire - Mother
William Noire - Father


Victor Avery

Date of Birth



18 (at time of recruitment)


Highwaywoman (Formally)
Journalist (Cover)



Ella Noire is an 18 year old vampire from the 1600's. She is very untidy, and usually manipulates others to do her dirty work for her. She suffers from chronic mood swings, and is very vengful, this is because of the fact that she regrets choosing to become a vampire. She is only kind towards people she trusts, and is very cold towards people she doesn't. She is very handy with a gun, from her life as a highwaywoman, during her early life after she was recruited. People don't tend to talk to her, as she appears very unusual and untrustworthy from afar. She speaks with a posh British accent, because of her etiquette lessons as a young girl.


Early lifeEdit

Ella was born into a wealthy family in 1689. Her parents, Elizabeth and Willam Noire, gave her everything that she could possibly want or need. She was taught right from wrong, how to act, how to dress, and how to be a proper lady. She was home educated by a tutor, and rarly left her parents mansion.

In 1707, she was traveling with her mother and father to visit her gravley ill aunt in Edinburgh. After a few hours of traveling, their carriage was stopped by the highwayman,and vampire, Victor Avery. Victor killed Ella's family, but after begging for her life, recruited Ella instead, because he needed a new partner after his last was captured and killed by slayers. She had no real family left, and felt she could not return to her old life, so agreed to join Victor as a highwaywoman

After being recruitedEdit

Ella and Victor lived a life of blood and treachery for the next twenty years. They became both lovers, and partners in crime. In 1727, Victor was captured and killed by slayers, and Ella was left all alone. She soon realised that the life she had chosen was not nearly as glamourous without someone to share it with.

Ella had never actually killed any of the victems that she fed from, and found it very difficult to kill, and she felt as though she had been thrown in at the deep end. She spent the next three hundred years looking for ways to stay off blood, but they usually failed after a few weeks. She travelled from village to village, befriending other vampires, and getting them to kill for her, as she had never quite come to terms with actually killing people.

Current lifeEdit

Whilst staying with a group of vampires in Bristol, in early 2012., she heard a story of an Old One that had abstained from blood for the last 50 years. Inspired by this, she set off to find him in his last known location, Southend, hoping that he will be able to help her stay on the wagon. She is pretending to be a journalist to cover her reasons for "snooping around".