This is an official Policy for the Being Human Roleplay Wikia.

Role play is generally a fun activity that many people of mixed race, age, gender and religion can come and participate with one another. At times many users tend to take things too far, or take something from role play and begin to take it personally. That or they turn around, bringing their drama into the fantasy of role play. Here we hope to give a good policy to deter against such instances.


There are many things on the wikia that we do not condone, some of which SHOULD be common knowledge but I'll name it anyway.

  • Relieving yourself in public
  • Having sexual relations above the PG level
  • Making offenses (and racist) gestures

Some insult are normally tossed around, but try to keep it tasteful and below the line for our younger users.

God ModdingEdit

God Modding is a taboo in most, if not all role play communities. This is where you either control another users character(s), do something with their own character that is highly unrealistic such as leaping into the sky and flying, or force them to die. DO NOT DO THIS!!

Honestly, it is the worst way to ruin someones role play experience.

Don't Speak OOCEdit

While in role play, either clearly mark that it is out of context or don't even say it at all.

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