• HermesDude

    Will we need a bot?

    March 19, 2012 by HermesDude

    I was just thinking and thought, "Are we gonna need a bot?" So I came to ask you guys if you thought we needed a bot. And on an unrelated note, Ghost, am I gonna be an admin now or am I still a temp admin? And do I need to help with claims?

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  • HermesDude


    March 16, 2012 by HermesDude

    Ok, so far I've done a lot. But I still need to know what else I need to do. Do I need to make the initiated template? Do I need to make a welcome message for new users? Do I need to make a character page layout? Well, I don't know, so if you need ANYTHING done (preferably in coding), just tell me and I'll do my best.

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  • MadamePhantom

    Days like today just prove to me how shitty the remaining hours will be. Staying up all night cause I lack the ability to fall asleep is one thing, but when I choose to go on Camp Half Blood Rp Wikia and visit their chatroom only to be made out as an ass by a certain Bcrat is another...

    For some reason we were talking about the 13 year old boy in the UK whom got his girlfriend pregnant last year, because this spawned from the hormones in food that were making girls here in the US hit puberty sooner. Not an entirely PG-13 discussion in my very own opinion. I was really only trying to discuss with with him and my friends, stating that "Desire really doesn't mean your ready, Sexual pressure is sooo bad when your young now too. Everyone hears a…

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