Welcome to the Being Human Role Playing Wiki

Welcome to the BeingHumanRp WikiEdit

For all the fans of both versions of Being Human. Now you can roleplay as your favorite monsters! Vampires, you can make blood dens anywhere. Werewolves, You're free to roam even under the full moon. Ghosts, well now you can haunt just about anybody. This will take place 10 years after the end of the series. All canon characters are dead, staked, or passed on.

What we're aboutEdit

This wiki is the Roleplaying version of the popular multi country show Being Human. You can choose between Humans with special powers like the Reincarnation chick, Vampires, werewolves,or ghosts and maybe later you can become a reaper.



Please go hear and read our Policies and to make your character.

Character Claims

Inactivity Policy

Roleplay Policy

Images Policy

Multiple Account Policy

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