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Achak Hassun
The Savage Brave
Important Information
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Home Chicago,Illinois


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-The Savage Brave

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The years have passed since my village was burned. I still hear the screams.


Achak was just a simple brave for the Algonquin tribe that lived near what is now Ontario, Canada. His people routinely traded with the Blanc Homme. But when the war with the Iroquois got too big, Achak had volunteered for his tribe along with several other braves to attack with the Blanc Homme. While they were attacking the Iroquois, Achak was attacked from behind from an Iroquois brave. As he laid there dying one of the Blanc Homme walked over and smirked rather evilly. "You have fought bravely. Would you like to get revenge on that brave for attacking you and destroying your village?" Achak nodded and the Blanc Homme bent down and bit Achak draining him of his own blood before he cut open his wrist and made Achak swallow some of his blood. When Achak awoke he felt stronger and more deadly then when he was human. The Blanc Homme was already gone probably back to his people's camp to eat. Achak felt his anger grow from the memory of the Iroquois brave attacking him.

Many years later during the Second World War, Achak had spent years feeding and killing to maintain his unholy life. Every night being an old style Algonquin brave prayed to the Great Spirit but during his prayer he got shot by an enemy and taken into the infirmary. There he met Nicole Thenardier who was a nurse after saving her brother from an attack. Achak was injured as well but after secretly feeding on somebody he healed up and surprised Nicole. Then there was an attack on the medical tent and Nicole was caught in the blast. After the doctors said she wouldn't survive Achak noticed her heart was failing and out of the kindness of his immortal bloodsucker heart he turned her. After hiding in the Netherlands for nearly 80 years, he and Nicole are now living in the United States.


Achak can be cold to newcomers but to Nicole and his very few friends, he is a kind person.


Indian bead necklace

Achak's bead necklace


  • Repelled by religious symbols and writings.
  • Cannot enter private buildings such as Homes without being invited. (Unless older than 1,000)
  • Garlic weakens slowly.
  • Stake through the heart, broken neck or explosions can kill a vampire. (They can be brought back if not staked)
  • Werewolf Blood is Toxic to a vampire, and can poison them